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We offer three hosted email solutions based on your needs:

G Suite, formerly Google Apps

This is our most popular service it gives you all the power of gmail google drive and google docs all linked to your domain name. We will get you setup and running in no time working in the google cloud. This will synchronize with all your devices.

Hosted Exchange

A service used to increase business productivity through access to e-mail, calendars, contacts and tasks from desktop computers, web or mobile phones.

Why Choose Hosted Exchange?

All servers are managed securely and privately, with 24/7 support, enabling you and your employees to concentrate on your business thus minimizing costly recources. Accessing information outside of the office via mobile phone has become so widespread in this day in age. Hosted exchange works with their customers to ensure mobility, safe and easy email transmission and productivity.


We offer this with our web hosting packages it is a free add-on to your website this solution we get you started with email.