Computer Repair, Mac Help & Other IT Services

Serving Westport, Greenwich & Darien CT

We work with customers of all needs. Whether you’re a home user seeking advice with a single Mac or or a corporation seeking assistance with dozens of systems, We will be able and happy to help.

Computer Diagnostic & Repair Service

Does your Computer seem slower than when you purchased it? Are you getting “unexpectedly quit” or “kernel panic” messages? Are you ever forced to restart your computer by errors or computer sluggishness? Using professional diagnostic techniques and tools, we make sure your system is running to its full potential. Such diagnostics may also help to prevent future problems from occurring, and will fix and prevent current problems from escalating into totally crippling problems. 

New Computer

Having a new computer great! We can get your data from old computer system to the new one. Did you change to Windows PC from a Mac or Mac to Windows? We can get you up and running and teach you how to use it.


Need to back up your 100,000 or so photos, lots of critical documents, your office server. No matter what your back up need we can get put a solution in place to keep your data safe. We offer both online and onsite backup systems

Repair & Maintenance Services

We check your systems and get them working at there peak again. we will handle updates, security patches scan and remove malaware for businesses we offer this as a managed service

Pre-Purchase Consulting

We help you find the perfect computer for your needs so that you’re not stuck with a computer that’s underpowered for your tasks nor with one that’s overcomplicated and overpowered for your modest needs. Apple, Dell, Lenovo and HP make many different models in many different configurations. As an Apple Product Professional and long time Windows consultant, I can assist you in purchasing the best computer for you.

Break-Fix Diagnostic & Computer Repair Service

Does your Computer crash at startup? Crash every time a certain program is opened? Display a flashing icon at startup? Play beeping or OS error message when you attempt to boot it? If your computer is suffering from an issue that is preventing you from accomplishing the tasks you need to use it for, we can help you return the computer to perfect operating condition without loss of data. I have experience with all major software packages from Apple, Microsoft, Intuit Adobe, Macromedia, Microsoft, Quark, and others and with all models of Macintosh from every vintage dating back to the original Mac 128k and 286 IBM. We will get you up and running again as quickly as is possible, and take all measures possible to prevent further problems.

Hardware / Software Data Migration Service

Planning to update your computer hardware or software? Let me help you make the transition as painlessly as possible. Whether you’re updating from and iMac Flat panel to the new Mac OS X operating system 10.12 or replacing your Windows PC, we can assist in making the change as efficient and problem-free as can be. 


We build wifi networks from simple home setups to large ones used at local medical facilities. So if you cant get WIFI working give us a call and we will get it sorted. 

Managed Services

Does your office need a maintenance plan, data backup, security and system monitoring? We can assist you with:

  • Remove Malware
  • Regular checkups and diagnostics
  • Flat rate per computer maintenance plans
  • Recover your data
  • Get your mobile device to talk to your other electronics
  • Setup a network and WIFI
  • Update OS i.e. Mac OS 10.13 or Windows 10
  • Provide a complete cost estimate for a future migration to hardware and / or software. Programs often need to be upgraded in order to take advantage of new hardware and software features.

If you don’t see your specific need on this list, it doesn’t mean we can’t help. Contact us to find out more!